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We are one of the largest aesthetic institutions in Europe with 9 modern clinics in Slovenia, Germany and Italy. In 25 years of experience we have developed many new technologies with an aim to increase the level of quality in plastic surgery and satisfaction of patients. In the last year we have developed our Training program, to provide top practical knowledge, by sharing the latest trends, best knowledge and skills to prepare doctors all over the world to perform operations on the highest level.


We are offering a learning possibility for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery specialists or residents by attending life surgery in operating room. Preceptorships programs are flexible and adjustable to individual needs.

tailored design for specialists and residents of plastic surgery

Preceptorship provides participants with the opportunity to visit the practice of a renown aesthetic surgeon and perfect skills in core areas of practice, as well as advancing skills in procedures and techniques not previously learned. Participation provides a unique opportunity to learn new techniques and perspectives, see a successful practice in action, and develop valuable career networks.

  • Live pre-operative planning, measurements & implant selection

  • Live surgeries with menthors

  • Rounds and post-op meeting with patients

  • Discussion of problem cases.

Yearly Surgeries

Performed in our clinics.

9 Clinics
all over Europe

Highly internationalized.

+25 years
of Experience

In aesthetic plastic surgery.

4 Surgeons
Plastic Surgery

Working together as a team.

dr.Marjan Fabjan 
program leader

Founder and leader of the training centre, experienced surgeon and specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery

Our private clinic has been excelling for 25 years in the field of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. We are committed to providing services at the highest level and using the most advanced, least invasive techniques. Our international staff with extensive years of experience provides a professional and uncompromising approach in the services offered.


Participation and memberships

2000 Active member
2009 – 2013 National Secretary for Slovenia
2013 Secretary meeting, Geneva, Switzerland
2013 Annual meeting, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2006 Annual meeting, Rome, Italy
2005 Annual meeting, Sv. Stefan, Montenegro
1998 Annual meeting, Filat, Israel

International conferences
and symposia
2014 IMCAS, Paris, France
2011 fellows in Science, Venice, Italy
2009 Mentor educational program, Rome, Italy
2005 International Aesthetic surgery meeting, Stockholm Sweden
2003 Cutting edge symposium, NY, USA 1998 International aesthetic and plastic surgery, Bonn, Germany
1997 international aesthetic surgery meeting, Paris, France

Breast Surgery trainings
2012 Complications after breast reduction - master class, Venice, Italy
2012 late complications in breast augmentation – Belgrade, Serbia
1997 Breast surgery training, Nice, France
1996 Fellowship in Emori University, Atlanta, USA
1995 Fellowship in European clinic for plastic surgery, Paris, France

Facial surgery trainings
2004 Rhinoplasty class, Gent, Belgium
2003 international master course on skin aging, Paris, France
2002 Face lift master class, Bonn, Germany
2002 Face surgery training, Dusseldorf, Germany
2000 Fat grafting
1999 Endoscopic face-lifting, Berlin, Germany
1998 Endoscopic face-lifting Forehead and Cheek, Toulouse, France
1997 Endoscopic Face surgery, Atlanta, USA
1997 Laser skin resurfacing, Tuttlingen, Germany
1996 Fellowship in Emori University, Atlanta, USA
1995 Fellowship in European clinic for plastic surgery, Paris, France

Body contouring trainings
2013 Fat Grafts, Milano Italy
2011 Fat Grafts and stem cells, Monza, Italy
2000 fat grafting and lipofilling workshop, Dusseldorf, Germany
1997 Laser skin resurfacing, Geneva, Switzerland
1996 Fellowship in Emori University, Atlanta, USA
1995 Fellowship in European clinic for plastic surgery, Paris, France


The Leading Private Training Centre for Plastic Surgery in Europe

IASTC is founded on 25 years of experience of the Aesthetic Surgery Clinic Fabjan, that has 9 clinics in 3 different countries in the European Union. Our team of experienced mentors includes 4 certified Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeons and 1 Anaesthesiologist.

Participants at our training modules learn basic and advanced plastic surgery procedures at our Three surgery Centres located in Stuttgart (Germany) , Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Šenčur pri Kranju (Slovenia).

The training centre has been established with a passion to share knowledge and experience in aesthetic surgery among professional international colleagues. Specialists and residents of plastic surgery are provided with opportunity to participate in live surgery sessions together with the preceptor. Learning takes place in the operating room and covers the most important parts of every surgery with in-depth discussions about the techniques employed.


IASTC operates and offers its services in: Šenčur, Slovenia and Kolomban, Slovenia

šenčur pri kranju
Šenčur A 19,

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